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I'm wanderingnork, call me Nork. I'm a prolific fic writer with a penchant for getting in over my head and producing epics. Welcome to the newest iteration of my fandom life! Come chat, I'm friendly. :)

As far as fandom goes, I like a little bit of everything. Fantasy? Science fiction? Historical fiction? Hit me up for all of it. I am ESPECIALLY into horror movies, though. The more genres in one work, the better!

Primary fandoms for which I'm creating at this point...well, there aren't any. I'm really burnt out right now, so we'll see how that changes. The biggest single fandom I've created for is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but for many reasons I've really stepped away from it. I've also created plenty for Dishonored, some for Supernatural, some for other Tiny Fandoms. Right now, I've plunged into The Hobbit; it remains to be seen if this is a three-fic writing binge or a longer-term interest.

To cover some other stuff:
1. School! Right now I'm in my last year of college, getting ready to graduate with a political science degree and get into the deep work on my political science master's. It's gonna be WILD, y'all.
2. LGBTQ+ Stuff! I'm identifying as Some Kind Of Nonbinary, but I'm AFAB and mostly happy with that, so no pronoun worries. I'm also firmly, firmly bisexual.
3. Health! There is a school of thought that I am actually Five Mental Illnesses In A Trenchcoat. They sometimes pile up to make me look very normal; social anxiety tends to cancel out mania, for one thing. In addition, I have Some Weird Condition Not Yet Understood By Science that is giving me debilitating fatigue.
4. I like to talk. A lot.
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